Additional services

Long-term rental

We offer the possibility of long-term rental of vehicles with the possibility of subsequent purchase according to pre-agreed conditions.

You can choose from our offer of currently available vehicles without a contractual penalty for early termination, or we can provide you with the vehicle you prefer after an individual agreement.


We will provide a complete vehicle check-in/check-out process, including all checks and other necessary administrative actions, including actions associated with importing a vehicle from abroad.

We will also handle any other changes in the vehicle registration for you to save you time.


Whether it is financial leasing or a car loan, we will prepare a tailor-made financing offer for you through our business partners with a favorable interest rate, which you can then compare with your options and choose the one that will save you the most money.


We will also help you with the quick provision of vehicle insurance. We cooperate with several insurance companies, from which you can choose the most suitable one for you according to price, quality of services or personal experience.

With us, you can quickly and easily take out mandatory contractual PZP insurance, KASKO accident insurance, or GAP financial loss insurance.

Pick up service

It is a matter of course that the vehicle is taken away and delivered to your preferred location along your own axis, through a towing service or transport of the vehicle by truck.

This service also includes the collection and delivery of all documents necessary to carry out the administrative processes associated with your vehicle to your home, or to the address of your choice.